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It is not difficult to have a baby with SAFE Fertility Center

It is not difficult to have a baby with SAFE Fertility Center

In this digital era, many women married at the older ages, therefore, the opportunity of pregnancy is more challenge. Furthermore, the chance of being affected by risk and complications was indicated. However, with the high technology that has been used for solve those issues and increased the chance of success rate.

We have done an interview with Wiwat Qaungkananurug, MD. a CEO and founder of SAFE Fertility Center, about how technology and development of medical support a person who wish to be a mother.


The problem of infertility

“In this present, the number of infertile people is increasing. The main factor is the late marriage and late start of having babies. When women turned into 35 years old or more the chance of having baby is more difficult. Secondary factor is a stressful socioeconomic condition including tightly schedule that influences difficulties of pregnancy due to unbalance hormones.

Other factors may include genetic condition. Characteristic of genetic is controlled by gene which composes dominant gene, recessive gene and gene mutation that can be inherited from generation to generation. In this century, there is the genetic screening test that detecting whether a person carrier any genetic condition. If they were found as carrier, they essentially meet the doctor for further discuss about possible transmission. This has become a trend because a couple doesn’t want to transfer the disease to their child.”



Knowing SAFE Fertility Center

“SAFE Fertility Center where is a treatment center of infertility center and fertility center. Due to our customers is not only infertile couple, but including a person who has recurrent miscarriages, a child with a disease or genetically problem which can be inherited to a child. The most frequent diseases that was usually found in Thailand is Thalassemia, while, another disease is muscular dystrophy. If the parents were found as carrier and they want to have a baby, they can undergo the process to prevent the transmission.

Noninvasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) is much hit nowadays; it is a maternal blood testing from 10 weeks or more pregnancy. Fetal DNA will be found within maternal blood, and then take the fetal DNA for abnormalities detection. Down’s syndrome is the most frequency found. Due to other abnormalities of chromosome of a baby in a womb may majority lead to miscarriage. NIPT will screen the chromosomal abnormalities of baby in the womb, but if the test result is positive, CVS and amniocentesis technique are used to do confirmation.


Having a baby is not difficult.

“If a woman tried to have a baby for a while such as 6-12 months, but she hasn’t been pregnant yet. She should consult with doctor because in this present the treatment for infertility has more success rate than failure rate. The chance of succeed is more than 50% which is better than the past.

Recently, we have facility for frozen reproductive cells which recommended for cancer patient. Before the cancer treatment, they should undergo the frozen reproductive product facility. For example, a woman would do eggs’ harvesting and freeze them before do the chemotherapy as same as in man, sperm harvesting and freeze could be performed and then they can have a baby after cancer treatment.

Dr.Wiwat concluded that since we have a plan of genetic process, scientists understand more about genetic and the cause of the diseases. This drives us to create a prevention of transmission. Therefore, the treatment on genetically disease is likely developing over time.






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