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AMH (Anti-Mullerian hormone)

AMH (Anti-Mullerian hormone)

With more and more women postponing pregnancy, it is no surprise that older women worry about how much time they have left to have a baby. Therefore, it is natural that women want to know if they are still ovulating and when their eggs will run out. The markers of the AMH test provide answers to these questions.

AMH is produced by the ovarian egg follicle that grows and prepares the egg for release into the fallopian tube. The levels of AMH found in the blood is a better indicator of a woman’ ovarian function than the previous oestrogen test. Essentially, an AMH test can tell you if your ovaries are still releasing eggs.

AMH is new blood marker for ovarian function in Thailand. It was previously only available in the school of medicine, but is now also available at safe fertility Genetic.  

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