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ศูนย์รักษาผู้มีบุตรยาก เซฟ เฟอร์ทิลิตี้ เซ็นเตอร์ สาขาขอนแก่น | SAFE Khon Kaen

SAFE Fertility Center, Khon Kaen Branch

SAFE Fertility Center, Khon Kaen Branch

SAFE Fertility Center (Khon Kaen) will provide the infertile treatment that will help the couples to overcome the infertility problems. By the professional team of doctors, scientists and personal assistant, you can entrust in our service and treatment. Based on diagnosis, a customized treatment plan is created for every couple by employing a range of techniques and focus on couple’s participation.

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Amarin Branch

SAFE FERTILITY CENTER  (Amarin Branch, Bangkok, Thailand) 

We are the first IVF Clinic in Thailand and the second in ASEAN apart from Singapore that has been accredited by Reproductive Technology Accreditation Certification Committee (RTAC) of the Fertility society of Australia (FSA) and New Zealand.

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ศูนย์การแพทย์เพื่อการมีบุตร เซฟ เฟอร์ทิลิตี้ เซ็นเตอร์ สาขาภูเก็ต (IVF Phuket)

Phuket Branch

SAFE Fertility Center, Phuket Branch (IVF Phuket)

SAFE Fertility Center, Phuket Branch, Provide counseling and treatment for infertility and Genetic diagnosis of embryos. We are Has been certified by The Royal Thai College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, The agency that oversees the standards in providing assisted reproductive technology in June 2012, and Safe Fertility Center, Phuket (IVF Phuket) has passed full certification by the Royal College of Obstetricians in November 2014

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IVF SAFE Fertility Center, Ramindra

Ramindra Branch

SAFE FERTILITY CENTER, Ramindra Branch (Bangkok, Thailand)

Our clinic is ready to provide and support you with our expert teams of specialized doctors and nurses, along with our advanced technologies to fulfill your dream of becoming parents. We provide the assisted reproductive technology to culture your embryos into Blastocyst stage, and for the embryos with chromosomal normality, we also provide Comprehensive Chromosome Screening technology (CCS) and Semen Analysis to make sure that you will have a happy and healthy baby. 

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