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life coach counsellor

Life coach Counsellor

Sometime during the period of family’s fulfillment might be very sensitive which it can be difficult to deal with it by yourself.
Counselling with someone who professionally listens with empathy will encourage you to learn and optimistic feeling in order to confront with further situation.


Who is Life Coach Counsellor?

Couple, who are trying to have a baby, shall have many things to take care: finding some times to see the doctors, having blood tests, ultrasounds, Sperm checking, and taking basal temperatures and undergoing various diagnostic procedures. Moreover, the patients also have Emotional Roller Coaster to deal with.

Infertility may affect to every parts of your life. Sometimes you can handle them by yourselves, but if you find it hard to get it done and need someone who understand you well and could help you get it through. Life Coach Counsellor by SAFE Fertility Center is here and happy to be of service for you.


When Life Coach Counsellor could help you?

When you do not sure what to do

Life Coach Counsellor can help you to realize the essential information before choosing the treatment options, including daily routine managing and emotional control.

Normally, the couple will be advised to seeing the Counsellor before and during the treatments for preparing yourselves to confront the stresses which come after the infertility

When you feel hopeless

Unsuccessful attempting to have a baby for many times may be exhausted. We completely understand it well, and together we can prepare to manage those feelings. Learning to create positive thinking to deal with the situation.

When Gamete Donation is considered

The Infertility treatment by egg, sperm or embryo donation is the most important matter for counselling with Life Coach Counsellor. Because it will affect to physical, mental and relationship subject of the couple, the donors and the baby in the long run. The topics that Life Coach Counsellor will talk with you about are:

  • Making clarification for the cause and inspiration of the treatment.
  • Decision confirming from both you and your partner.
  • Talking about how you tell your relatives and friends
  • Discussing about the result of the treatment and relationship with your donors.
  • Considering about close or disclose genetic origin to the child in the future.

When you need more support

In case of you feels no stress or anxiety, but you need the other hospitalities beside the treatment, like how to taking care yourselves. You may found out that Life Coach Counsellor is one of the best options to talking with. You do not have to wait until it overwhelming you. Prevention is better than cure.

Sometimes you may think that you are strong enough to take good care the feelings by yourselves and counselling is for someone who has mental illness. But the stress from infertility can common occurs more and more for everyone. In that situation, Life Coach Counsellor could help you dealing with it.



Life Coach Counsellor

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Mental relaxing for fertility

Mental relaxing for fertility

For preparation of fertility is not only the Physiological Part but also taking care of Psychological Part is needed. Mental factor is one of factor for increases fertility success rate.

Mental relaxing for fertility Mental relaxing for fertility Getting into Fertility Treatment may cause life’s changing due to the length of the treatment and may have more than one cycle of treatment. The cost and success rate are also may affect in many part of your life like job and relationship with people. They may lead you into Distress, Anxiety or unable to smoothly manage your life. Mentioned Distress will impact to your abnormal Hormone, egg cycle. There are reports from the researches identify that Psychological intervention increases fertility success rate. On the other hand, mental factor is one of the successful treatment factor. It brings us to this conclusion. For preparation of fertility is not only the Physiological Part but also taking care of Psychological Part is needed. For the ones who still anxious, stain feels, agitating concern about your fertility, try out these simple steps:

  1. Keep your body healthy by proper exercises, consuming beneficial food, and do not miss any breakfasts.
  2. Taking an enough sleep. In case you are hardly to sleep may try to drink warm fresh milk, avoiding watch television or online social media 30-60 minutes before get in the bed. And taking a deep slowly breath to clear your mind about 2-3 minutes or till you get in sleep.
  3. Try to create the relaxing environment. For example, keep your house always clean, etc.
  4. Go out and touch nature like stroll in nearby park, travel to the nature place like mountain or waterfall.
  5. Trying to be Optimistic. Changing your viewpoint into good things in your life.
  6. Concentrate with the present. Do not worry with the solution in the future too much.

In case of there is still the distress or anxiety, you can come to consult with Professional Counsellors to cooperate you to manage your life and have sense of coherence.  

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Sasipan Gunyong | Life Coach-Counsellor

Miss. Sasipan Gunyong (Life Coach Counsellor)

Miss. Sasipan Gunyong

Miss. Sasipan Gunyong


Miss. Sasipan Gunyong
(Life Coach Counsellor)


  • 2006-2009 : M.A. In Counseling Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, Chulalongkorn University
  • 2001-2004 : B.S.W. In Social Work, Faculty of Social Administration, Thammasat University


  • 2013-2014 : Counseling Psychologist at Psychiatry and Drugs Department : Lecturer Team in “Psychology in Daily Life” : Narrator Team on the topic of “Depression and how to Screen them” for Nurse
  • 2010-2011 : School Counselor
  • 2009 : Social Worker at Social Welfare Development Center for Older Persons


  • Member of ANZICA (Australian and New Zealand Infertility Counsellors Association).


Infertility may be the cause of distress and anxiety in way of how you live your life and treatment.
Then fertility counseling may help you to manage with these feelings better.

Counselling to Life Coach Counsellor

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Life Coach Counselling for IVF

Life Coach Counselling for IVF

Getting into Fertility Treatment may cause life’s changing. They may lead you into Distress, Anxiety or unable to smoothly manage your life. When you facing those situations as:

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