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Couple from Australia

Couple from Australia

We have been trying to have babies for 6 years. We have tried many IVF. Unfortunately, no success.

We found Dr.Wiwat Hospital fertility treatment on the website and spoke to him over the phone before we flew in to meet him in person. Dr.Wiwat speaks fluent English.

We discussed several issues, which included our medical history and provided him with all the test results from Australia.

After understanding the procedures, We trust his professionalism that he will do his very best to make our dreams come true. Which he did. We had a 3 month old baby boy now.

We would like to thank you Dr.Wiwat, Mrs.Rose, Mrs.Janet and Mrs.Sue for all their continued help and support.

We strongly recommend to travel to Bangkok for fertility treatment with Dr.Wiwat He is very friendly and he reply to your email personally.

His staff are all very friendly, caring and supportive too. If we knew about Dr.Wiwat 6 years ago, we would start with his treatment right away.