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Eggs Freezing (Oocyte cryopreservation), New choice for Mother to be in 4.0 era

It cannot be ignored that a woman in this 4.0 era often gives work as the first priority, likes freedom life and loves being single. Also many people accept to be an old maid. Some people decided to get marry when the age is nearly 35 years old or more. Additionally, this situation leads to risk of pregnancy failure.

When a women‘s age increase, the quality of ovary is consequently decreased. It represents that the eggs is the key of the successful pregnancy as same as women that have risk of ovary failure condition. In a group of women who has passed the chemotherapy, operation, some of pelvic disease, or using medicine that might damage cells, these issues influence the failure of pregnancy or difficulties of having baby.

Hence Eggs freezing is new beneficial chance for modern age

Eggs freezing methodology’s starts with hormone injection in order to increase the amount of egg, then eggs collection is performed. Then those eggs will be frozen in nitrogen tank at -196 °C as bio-clock has stopped and keep it until the owner wants to have baby. Therefore, the owner can thaw her frozen eggs and fertilize with sperm and wait till the embryo’s cell divided and transfer back to uterus.

Each eggs collection – many eggs will be collected in order to prevent the error. The ovary’s stimulation is used to stimulate the ovulation. When eggs completely developed, the doctor will collect the eggs via vagina and those eggs will be frozen in the tank at -196 °C

When does egg collection should be performed?

If you purpose to have baby, earlier planning is the best answer to encourage the perfect pregnancy.
Therefore, the proper age gap of egg collection should be no more than 38 years old due to the increasing of age, the quality of eggs decreases.

The reason that women are interested in doing egg collection because the many risks during the advance maternal age pregnancy such as the chance of miscarriage and risk of abnormality of chromosomal number ( i.g. Down’s syndromes which leads to severe intellectual disability )
Most of women concerns about these risks therefore egg’s preservation is one of choice in their plan. This will help them to manage the instability of their future of pregnancy because they still have the perfect and strong eggs in the store as another options in future.


Eggs freezing are not only giving the opportunity of pregnancy, but it gives opportunity of having healthy baby.

The main point is similar to stem cell that we can keep it for future but this is the preservation for keeping own eggs for getting pregnancy. Because of these days the doctor confronts with the patient with advance ages. There is irresponsive to medicine and stimulation. Hence, instead of saving cost when the body is still healthy, strong and in the reproductive age, the patient spend more due to the time has passed. Furthermore, some patient needs to do several cycles. Thus, freezing their eggs might be prevention for difficulties of pregnancy.

According to the report, the success rate of pregnancy from frozen eggs is nearly to the pregnancy from fresh eggs
Eggs freezing may be a choice of woman who has health problem or single because she doesn’t know when she will meet a man that she wants to marry.