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J&D from the USA

E&K from Australia

Being in my 40’s and after having gone through many IVF rounds in Australia without success,

I was feeling really depressed about not being able to be a mother.

I had gone through a few years of acupuncture therapy & chinese herbs which was very expensive and still was not successful in being pregnant successfully.

We searched the internet over time and came across Dr.Wiwat’s clinic and filled in the online form and was very excited to get a response from Cathie immediately.

She was fantastic in providing answers and support with such enthusiasm, understanding and empathy.

We decided we would go ahead with Dr.WiWat’s clinic and we are so happy with the results, we have a wonderful, beautiful perfect baby girl which brings us joy every day.

We were successful on our first round.

We were very impressed with the staff working with us remotely via email and a couple of phone calls.

The staff were very hands-on and experienced, we felt very looked after throughout the whole process from the beginning to the end. Dr.WiWat is fantastic, I cannot say enough about him, he works so efficiently and is so experienced.

His methods of medication, embryo insertion and after care was different to the IVF rounds I had experienced in my previous unsuccessful IVF attempts. He also responds to our emails even though he’s such a busy man throughout the process and even after I’ve had my baby.

My husband & I are so grateful to Dr. WiWat, his staff and his clinic for enabling us to achieve our dream of being parents to such a wonderful baby.

I highly recommend Dr. WiWat and his clinic for great couples wanting to become parents.


Thank you so much.

E&K from Australia