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Embryo Freezing by SAFE

Embryo Freezing (Embryo Cryopreservation)

Embryo Freezing (Embryo Cryopreservation)

If there are leftover embryos (of sufficient quality) beyond the number that is transferred, many couples prefer to have them frozen (Cryopreserved) for use in a future cycle.  

Embryo Freezing (Embryo cryopreservation) can be used for another attempt at having a baby if the “fresh” cycle fails or as an attempt to have another child if the fresh cycle is successful.

SAFE Fertility Center uses the latest freezing method called vitrification.

Embryo Freezing Lab Room by SAFE

Vitrification is the process of converting the embryo into a glass-like solid under ultra low temperatures. The embryo is rapidly cooled until it hardens like glass without any ice crystals forming. This is important in the embryology world because ice crystal formation can be very damaging to frozen embryos by reducing their viability.

Vitrification in IVF can allow freezing of spare embryos and oocytes with better post-thaw survival rates and higher pregnancy and live birth rates from frozen embryo transfer cycles.

Our new vitrification system has seen excellent post-thaw embryo survival and substantially higher pregnancy rates after frozen transfer procedures.