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EmbryoScope Patient Information

In the field of IVF, one of the biggest challenges is to select the best embryo, which is likely to give you the result of a healthy baby.

Currently, IVF professionals must remove the embryo from the incubator to perform three or four brief evaluations of the developing embryo, at fixed time-points over 3-5 days, in order to assess embryo quality.

The evaluation time allowed for these snap-shot evaluations is limited by the need to minimize the time embryos spend outside of the safe environment of the incubator and avoid stress to the embryo.

The EmbryoScope time-lapse system allows IVF professionals to monitor your embryos through the full course of their development.

The specially designed EmbryoScope incubator with a built in camera and microscope take an image of your embryos every 10 minutes.

As a result, time-lapse videos of individual embryos are generated over the 3-5 daysthey remain in the incubator while the embryos stay undisturbed in their stable culture environment.

Advanced software allows the IVF professional to use the embryo development information to select the best embryos.

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