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My Experience to do this IVF treatment in Bangkok

My Experience to do this IVF treatment in Bangkok, , Thailand

My experience to do this IVF treatment in Bangkok is really unforgettable​.
Start from the very detail explanation before we decided to go ahead (the consultation), before OPU, OPU process, before ET, until ET process, every step was guided and explain clearly.

The first day i met Miss Keii, she explain me every steps, and she is a friendly person, the consultation went easy and clear, and sometimes i even ask her about something outside the ivf treatment.

She’s very nice. hehehe..  and fortunately, i did not have any preference doctor,so when Miss Keii suggest me to meet Dr. Nattharut (Dr. Kong), i just feel peaceful in my heart. he’s so friendly and easy going. hehehe..

The interesting part was, i need to prepare myself before ET (different with my previous ivf in other center). and i get some of hormone medicines (oval, or even gel to help improve the endometrium lining).

Over all, the process of doing ivf in SAFE Fertility Center didn’t make me stress, I don’t even realize that i was on treatment. and it’s just simple, i just take leave from office for 3-5 days and stay in bangkok, just like im on vacation.

The clinic also located in very strategic area, easy to reach, nearby the mall, hotel, so u can do the treatment + holiday in 1 trip.”​


Ni Putu Citra Ida Indrayuni
Bali, Indonesia
(March 16, 2017)

Doctor : Dr. Nattharut Kulphaweesuwan, MD.
Dr. Nattharut Kulphaweesuwan, MD


Indonesian Personal Assistant : Ms. Kezia Hindriani Raha