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Genetic Counselor

Have you ever heard about genetic counselor ?

Genetic Counselor
Who is genetic counselor?

In this present, this kind of counseling can be found in Western area such as America, United Kingdom and Europe. Genetic counselor is mostly taking care of new marriage couple or the family who has serious genetic symptoms runs through generation among family’s members.
In this period, up-to-date technologies and education in medical have been developed. The exploration of genes or the abnormalities of chromosomal numbers have been found more and more among populations, including the reason of the abnormalities in psychiatric disorder or intellectual disability.

If comparing genetic as the root of the tree; to be a healthy, huge and beautiful tree, the tree needs to have a healthy root.



Furthermore, genetic counselor is the coordinator between doctor, patient and laboratory. Thus, before giving the counseling, the counselor researched, discussed and gathered the information from the doctor and laboratory in order to provide the efficient and essential information about effective genetic testing and suitable plan for the patient. Additionally, counselor might discuss with other branch supporters such as psychologist or specialist in order to evaluate the condition and management preparation. Hence, the efficient information can help patient in consideration and understand about the risk and abnormalities details.
Thalassemia, Duchenne However, the important of the counselor may directly affect all sections especially for the patient. This encourage the understanding and efficient information for their consideration and preparation for the possible outcome. Despite, the patient can meet the counselor before doing the genetic testing beneficial to evaluate the risk and the necessary which depends on each condition or in order to consult about the outcome of the testing.

There are many advantages of genetic counselor, the most clearly advantage is the plan that helps in an avoidance of the possible abnormalities in the next generation in family that have the appearance of the serious inheritance disease such as Thalassemia, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), Huntington’s disease, Fragile X syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis and Hemophilia. Secondly, a preparation plan of treatment and management for supporting the possible outcome as same as other sections that is very effective when the cause of the problem was found.

For example, if the abnormalities were found, the effective treatment and management will be provided as soon as possible. In addition, the recommendation about the plan for the future is also be discussed and evaluated. Moreover, the up-to-date research and experimented may be provided as another options such as the gene therapy for Thalassemia or the management and psychological treatment for intellectual disability child.

In conclusion, the purpose of genetic counselor role is providing the efficient, understandable and essential information that support the consideration and the evaluation of the patient for the sake of managing the suitable and timely plan.



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Miss. Anchisa Hutasingh
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