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Getting Started IVF Step-by-Step at Safe Fertility Center

Getting Started; IVF Step-By-Step

Getting Started; IVF Step-By-Step at SAFE Fertility Center

1. Ovarian Stimulation

After blood test and scan have been done on Day 2-3 of your menstruation period, the doctor will prescribe the medicines for injection via abdomen to stimulate your eggs which takes around 10-12 days. You can bring the medicine back home, and only one appointment with the doctor.

2. Monitoring

Blood test and scan is essential to monitoring the result of injection. The doctor will adjust the dosage of medicine to suit your condition. You can get it done in your country and send the result to our doctor.

3. Mature eggs

After complete all the injection, you are required to stay in Thailand for 4-5 days. The doctor will give you the injection to make your eggs ovulate around 35-37 hours before Egg Pick-Up.

4. Egg Pick-Up

The process will be done in the operation room. After having I.V. fluids followed by anesthesia, the doctor will retrieve the eggs via the vagina together with the ultrasound monitoring. This process lasts around 15 minutes, and then you will be transferred to the recovery room under the nurse’s monitoring for any complications around 3 hours.

5. Sperm collection

For the male’s part on the day of Egg Pick-UP, the sperm that has been given will be used in fertilization. However, in case of any inconveniences, you can use frozen sperm.

6. Fertilization

The embryologist will select good quality sperms to fertilize with the eggs in the laboratory.

7. Embryo report

You will receive the embryo report, along with the explanation from your Personal Assistant at the next day.

8. Embryo transfer

For Fresh Embryo Transfer, the doctor will prescribe the medicine to prepare your womb for the embryo transfer. This process will be done after 2-5 days after Egg Pick-Up. It’s suggested that you should rest at least 2 days before taking a flight home. For Frozen Embryo Transfer, to increase the chance of pregnancy, the doctor will suggest you to freeze the embryos. After resting for 2-3 months, your womb will be ready for transfer. The doctor will prescribe the medicine to prepare your womb for the frozen embryo transfer. You can start the medicine from your country; however, you are required to stay in Thailand for 4 days. In case that the husband is unavailable to come, the wife can come to do the transfer alone. It’s suggested that you should rest at least 2 days before taking a flight home.

9. Embryo freezing

You can freeze your embryos for future use.

10. Pregnancy test

Around 10 days after embryo transfer, you can get the blood test to check for pregnancy result in your country.

  • If the result is positive, the doctor will give you the instruction on medicine and how to take care of yourself. You can conceive as in natural pregnancy.
  • If the result is negative, the doctor will check for the causes and find you the treatment to increase your chance of pregnancy.


Both husband and wife will receive the blood test for any infectious as in laboratory standard rule.  

Step 1 : Consultation with our IVF counselor

You can book an appointment with a Fertility Specialist by calling 02 252 3833 or contact our website at At your initial appointment, your Personal Assistant will carry out some preliminary investigations and give you an overview of possible treatments. There are many treatment options available and not everyone will require IVF to achieve a pregnancy.

Step 2 : Registration and Preliminary Investigations

If your Personal Assistant does recommend IVF treatment, they will give you a registration form, to be completed and returned to us. During your initial visit, your Fertility Specialist may refer you for the following tests:

  • blood tests for both partners
  • ultrasound for the female partner
  • semen analysis for the male partner

Step 3 : Getting Started

You make contact with your Personal Assistant who will arrange a block appointment for your preliminary investigations, mandatory counseling and payment information session.

Step 4 : Obtain a National Police Record Check and Child Protection Order Check

You and your partner must complete consent forms for allowing us to proceed on IVF treatment

Step 5 : Confirm treatment plan with your Personal Assistant

When your test results are available, your Personal Assistant will meet with you to confirm the appropriate treatment option.

Step 6 : Begin IVF Treatment


SAFE Fertility Center understands that beginning fertility treatment can be a stressful time for you and your partner.

For this reason, your first visit to SAFE Fertility Center is intended to be one that is informative, efficient and highly individualize in order to provide you the most effective care possible in a compassionate and convenient manner.

During your first visit at SAFE Fertility Center, you will be introduced to each member of the specialized fertility care team assigned to you. This team will communicate with each other as well as with you during your treatment to ensure every detail is considered and your questions and concerns are addressed.

From there, you’ll meet with your doctor, who will review your medical history and records and share his or her thoughts based on this preliminary information. Your doctor may also perform an ultrasound to visualize your ovaries and uterus. Next, you’ll meet with your primary nurse. This nurse will review your recommended testing or treatment plan and help you schedule necessary testing procedures.

Our objective is to have this infertility consultation and your treatment at SAFE Fertility Center be as successful as possible in providing you answers and results quickly and efficiently. The best way to obtain the answers you are looking for is to provide your team with as much information as possible about your medical history and previous test or treatment results.  

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