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J&D from the USA

Great experience with IVF Phuket

Great experience with IVF Phuket, J & D from the USA are eternally grateful for the positive experience we had with IVF Phuket after our unsuccessful first-round fertility treatments in the USA, we knew that IVF was the next step in our journey to parenthood.

We decided to research IVF internationally due to the lower cost and successful reputation. After exploring options in Europe and Asia, IVF Phuket was the most informative, communicative and transparent clinic we found. We flew to Phuket, Thailand where we met with Dr. Manop Janthanaphan, and the IVF Phuket team.

After our initial meeting, we knew we were in excellent hands with the professional doctor and staff, and immediately felt at home with the clinic.

We knew that this was the perfect place for us to continue the fertility process.

From day 1 of treatment, the IVF Phuket team welcomed us into their clinic making us feel at ease throughout the process.

They made us feel both confident in their abilities and comfortable with the process.

The process itself was efficient and convenient as all of the medical procedures were done in the same new building with state of the art equipment.

The cost structure was clear, and very affordable in comparison to other IVF programs.

We paid throughout the process making it easy to understand what we paid for each procedure.

Everything from testing, egg collection, to fertilization went smoothly and on the first try of IVF we were pregnant!

We felt that Dr. Manop Janthanaphan and the entire team were equally thrilled for us and were like our family away from home.

After years of trying to start a family being pregnant was an absolute dream come true! Our healthy baby boy was born in 2016 and we are overjoyed to be parents.

We are eternally grateful for the positive experience we had with IVF Phuket. Next year we plan to return to IVF Phuket to further grow our family!



J & D from the USA