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Healthy baby boy after ICSI and FET

Healthy baby boy after ICSI and FET

Having tried over several years for a baby, we decided to get some additional help and after tests were told all was OK.

The whole procedure was explained, right from the very start, with each step discussed and explained from the initial checks to the hormone boosts to the egg and sperm collection and various options offered along the way.

Expectations were well managed and an up-to-date dialogue kept us informed.

All our questions were answered regardless of how small.

The Dr. Manop Janthanaphan and our direct contact Marina (Personal assistant) were very nice, professional and approachable.

The SAFE Fertility Center (Phuket IVF clinic) facilities were comfortable, clean and bright but friendly and not harsh and clinical. 

A much better experience than that offered by the 2 best hospitals here.

We would recommend that anyone looking for similar help at least takes a looks at and considers this clinic, at the very least take the time to go see and ask those all important early questions … we are glad we did !

Our son really is a healthy, happy and incredibly cute little boy