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SFC Service Review

IVF Phuket Review by Dr. Charles Rivera


To: Dr. Manop Janthanaphan, and IVF Team

“Dear SAFE IVF Phuket , Wow! What an incredible group you are! From being reassured on the telephone and smiling faces when we walked in the front door each time, to great senses of humor at tense times and world-renowned expertise on every level, we are always so impressed by our interactions with each of you!. Compared with many fertility clinics, the “best team ever” award definitely goes to you! It meant so much to us to know that you were cheering for us at every step of the way. And most important that our little embryos were always in the best care, and receiving care and attention that could not be surpassed.

Through our upsets, mini victories, and everything in between, each of you has been our champion and hero. Because of your team, my wife is finally pregnant , who has been waiting for this moment for so many years and thanks to you all, it’s a beautiful reality, a true miracle. We will always be grateful for your personal care, dedication, and clear love of your work. This amazing gift of life it has brought so much joy to our lives.” Now the long road ahead of us continues but safe asure we know that we have the best IVF Team to guide us every step of the way, and together we pray for a beautiful healthy baby (or babies). We never felt rushed and you were always optimistic, even when the medical report was not. It was comforting to be around skilled professionals that willingly shouldered some of the weight of our fertility journey, It was obvious to us that everyone enjoyed their role, and it made each visit hopeful and something to look forward to, and for that and everything else we thank you…Thank you! For being so understanding of our emotions -fears, frustrations, and our concerns. You helped us through them and constantly helped us stay hopeful.

It’s such a blessing to have the opportunity of having the best Doctor and Team, but it’s also a blessing to feel so well understood and comforted all along the way. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for us and for making our dream come true, as well as what you do for many others with the same hope.”


Best regards and infinite blessings!!!
Dr. Charles Rivera
Mrs. Kannika Thaijaroen