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Little girl Skylar one of the pride of SAFE Fertility Center

Words really can’t describe how happy we were with our experience at the Safe Fertility Center in Bangkok!  As an American married to a Thai woman, we decided to explore this option as we’ve tried for almost 10 years to conceive and have not been able to have a child. 

We did all the doctor visits in the States but could never find out why we were unable to have a baby. We did IUI here but it didn’t take. Finally we decided to give it a shot and fly to Thailand to give it one last try and go for IVF

I was a bit apprehensive about the quality of care but was willing to do whatever was needed. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the clinic.  It was absolutely the most professional and highest quality care I’ve experienced in any medical facility. 

The technology used was completely state of the art and the most current in the industry.
The attention we received was personal and immediate.
We showed up for appointments and were always greeted at the door and then led almost directly to the doctor without any measurable wait times.

Communications were always consistent and direct. 
They have specialists that speak a very wide array of languages to make it easy for foreigners.

They respond to phone, texts, emails or whatever means you require. When they say they’ll contact you, they do.
I will never forget the day, when, a week after our inception, I received the call from my wife in Thailand (I was back home in the US by then). 

We had been literally on pins and needles, spending sleepless nights worried about whether or not it would be successful. My wife was in the lobby of the clinic and we were Skyping.

She was in tears and couldn’t speak.  Sue, our personal assistant (and now friend for life), got on the phone camera and told me that we were officially pregnant.

At 2 am, I found myself crying hysterically as I realized that we were going to have a daughter. 

Today, my little girl, Skylar, is strong and growing every day and as beautiful a little girl as anyone could ever ask for. 

On a scale of 1-10, this place gets a 12. 

I’ve already recommended to other friends that they take the trip to Thailand if they want to have a child.  Next to natural reproduction, this is as good as it gets.


Jon Hepner

Owner, Aroy-D, the Thai Elephant