Experienced IVF Specialist

    Get Quick, Detailed Advice from Experts

    Unsure where to start or not sure you’re on the right track? SAFE Fertility Center offers free consultations (20 minute session) for new patients and individuals seeking a second opinion.


    To make an appointment:


    or send email to: info@safefertilitycenter.com

    (Please book appointment at least 3 days in advance.)

    Effective Date: March 4-June 30, 2020

    How it works

    1. Make appointment 3 days in advance.

    2. Fill in SAFE Registration Form.

    3. Provide data base on SAFE Checklist.

    4. Provide Skype Account.

    5. Confirm appointment 1 day in advance.

    Review your medical history

    The physician will ask about your sexual and medical history (including questions about your partner’s history), along about any fertility testing previously performed.

    Answer questions you or your partner may have – Is it the right time to see a specialist? What is infertility? What are the causes of infertility? What testing is involved?

    Review behavioral and medical options – It’s not always the case that infertility requires invasive treatment. The doctor will provide an array options.

    Discuss possible treatments – After the doctor has reviewed treatment options with you, s/he will provide you with a framework for next steps.

    Second Opinions – Make sure you’re on the right track, get a free second opinion.

    With a commitment to sensitive care coupled with a state-of-the art program, we can help you pursue your dream of having a baby. Start your journey today!