EmbryoScope Plus

The tracing of embryo’s development.

    EmbryoScope /EmbryoScope Plus

    EmbryoScope /EmbryoScope Plus is a special cabinet for embryo. The capability of the tank is the combination of usual culture tank – the stereo microscope and Leica’s lenses camera within one machine and this advantage gives the high quality of photos. Furthermore, the technology ‘time lapse’ continuously monitors the embryo development during culturing in the cabinet.

    This supports the staff for continuous tracing the development of embryo without any impact to the embryos’ development.

    SAFE Fertility Center

    EmbryoScope Plus has been imported for being used in our clinic which it became the 6th machine of the world and the first machine in Asia.
    This is for the better quality and better potential of embryos’ culturing process. Help to increase pregnancy and success rate for infertility treatment.

    The ability of EmbryoScope Plus

    • able to culture more number of embryos’ cells
    • Convenience for adding the solution and decrease the risk of contaminate
    • light source is low level energy which decrease the effect to the development of embryos even they were captured all time.
    • Leica’s lens allows the round movement that influence the high intensive photo within short time.
    • Barcode scan has been additionally added for support the effective identification of embryos.

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