Lykos Dynamic Targeting System

    Computer-controlled Accuracy and Ease of Use through

    • Precise Targeting Features
    • Automated Calibration
    • Built-in Quality Control Reporting


    Advanced Targeting Features

    The DTS feature is available in various markets worldwide. Depending on the market and application, the DTS feature may be enabled in both Clinical* and Validation** Modes, or Validation Mode only. When DTS is enabled, you may choose one of several options to create the laser path:

    • Single Shot: Click any single point on the screen and a single laser pulse will be applied to that exact point.
    • Line / Curve: Draw a straight line of any length and then select and drag to create a curve.
    • Freehand: Any freeform path may be drawn by clicking and dragging the mouse pointer.
    • Multipoint: Click up to 10 non-connected locations to apply laser. Each point may have a different laser setting.
    • Rectangle: Click and drag to draw a rectangle of any proportion.

    Once the path is drawn, it may be selected, resized, and repositioned as needed. Depending on the selected mode, the laser pulse, power and/or spacing may be adjusted with the changes immediately reflected in the laser path on the screen.


    Automated Calibration

    The automated initialization process calibrates the system and can be run any time from the control panel. This initialization process maps the position of the RED-i target in relation to the entire field of view to optimize accuracy.

    Built-in Quality Control Reporting

    Quality control is a vital part of laboratory procedure. The DTS positioning can be easily verified prior to use and the results of the verification saved. With the built-in quality control reporting, you can view the results of the daily verification in both numerical and graphical form. In addition, a Trend Chart lets you see the results over a selected
    period of time.

    ® RED-i Target Locator

    The RED-i target locator is visible both on the screen and through the microscope eyepieces. In addition to being used to identify and calibrate the laser position under DTS mode, RED-i allows positioning of the cell under the laser beam without looking at the monitor. The target spot always remains in focus and has an adjustable brightness

    Multipulse Software Mode

    The Multipulse Software is still included as an alternative to DTS mode and allows for rapid, repeated firing of the laser in instances where it is preferred to manually manipulate the embryo position.

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