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Preparation before having a child

Having a baby or fulfilling your family starts with get ready for being parenthood which be able to look after your child with happiness. 

Acting parents can prepare yourselves after these followings:

1.   Physical Preparation Taking good care health of you and your partner. Having beneficial food and do regularly exercise. Including taking an enough rest, no smoking, no alcohol, and no drugs.  


2.  Mental Preparation Ones who wish to be parents should arrange your stress and emotion carefully. Always trying to being cheerful. In order to balancing your hormones and preparing for any changes could be happen in the future.  


3.  Financial Preparation As you might already know, having a baby costs so much money. Not only clothes, appliances, but also other utensils and toys. And they are needed in a lot of numbers. You should prepare yourselves for these expenses.  


4. Raise-Up Management Adding one or two babies in your house means your personal time might be disappear instantly. Because you could not afford to take your eyes off the infants. Then you should manage your schedule carefully.  


5.  Residential Preparation Normally, for 2 persons living in a condo or an apartment may not cause so much problems. But when comes to having a boy or a girl in the age of curious, you have to clear your space more and more.  

6. Consultation with Obstetrician For being safety pregnant and the health of mother and her children, consultant is necessary.    

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