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RTAC (Reproductive Technology Accreditation Certification)

Reproductive Technology Accreditation Certification Scheme

The Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC) Certification Scheme is aimed at Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Units wishing to comply with the RTAC Code of Practice.

RTAC was the committee formed by The Fertility Society of Australia (FSA) which is the peak body for reproductive medicine in Australia and New Zealand. RTAC developed the Code of Practice and also manages the accreditation of ART units.

The purpose of the RTAC Code of Practice is to set and maintain minimum standards for clinics or centres offering ART and to encourage continuous improvement in the quality of care offered to people accessing fertility treatment in Australia and New Zealand.

The Code of Practice has been benchmarked against the Standards for Safety and Quality in Healthcare, and provides a detailed specification covering the management system, process controls, service requirements and qualifications of key personnel.

In New Zealand, compliance with NZ8181 is a requirement of the Ministry of Health.


  • Clients can transfer an existing JAS-ANZ Accredited certification to Global-Mark
  • Minimum of yearly review
  • RTAC is the only organisation/authority that grants certification
  • ART units holding a current RTAC Scheme certification issued by a JAS-ANZ accredited certification body, will be eligible for RTAC licensing as an RTAC accredited ART unit (not applicable to NZ)
  • ART Units must also comply with relevant legislation and regulations
  • Patient names shall not be communicated with patient information outside of the ART unit, except where subject to written and specific patient consent
  • For the purpose of reviews and assessment, no records are retained and will not be taken off site
  • Once certified, the organisation can use the Global-Mark on all marketing and promotional materials
  • The organisation’s details are listed on our register of certified organisations at