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Sasipan Gunyong | Life Coach-Counsellor

Miss. Sasipan Gunyong (Life Coach Counsellor)

Miss. Sasipan Gunyong

Miss. Sasipan Gunyong


Miss. Sasipan Gunyong
(Life Coach Counsellor)


  • 2006-2009 : M.A. In Counseling Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, Chulalongkorn University
  • 2001-2004 : B.S.W. In Social Work, Faculty of Social Administration, Thammasat University


  • 2013-2014 : Counseling Psychologist at Psychiatry and Drugs Department : Lecturer Team in “Psychology in Daily Life” : Narrator Team on the topic of “Depression and how to Screen them” for Nurse
  • 2010-2011 : School Counselor
  • 2009 : Social Worker at Social Welfare Development Center for Older Persons


  • Member of ANZICA (Australian and New Zealand Infertility Counsellors Association).


Infertility may be the cause of distress and anxiety in way of how you live your life and treatment.
Then fertility counseling may help you to manage with these feelings better.

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