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Succesful IVF with Lite ICSI by SAFE

Succesful IVF with Lite ICSI

Ms. Laphatrada Wattanawongwisut (32 years old) Succesful IVF with Lite ICSI by SAFE

My friend suggest me to come to SFC’Amarin branch so I decided to make an appointment and the doctor reccommend me to do ICSI then it succeed after 2 times embryo transfer

Succesful IVF with Lite ICSI by SAFE  
Ms. Laphatrada Wattanawongwisut

★ How do you feel about SAFE’s services?

I’m so impressed because the doctor is very kind, give an advice and explain every step of a treatment in details.

Besides, I’m warmly welcomed from SFC’ staffs, they’re willing to serve and very friendly.

★ What’s the doctor’s advice?

He told me to be relaxed, no worries and his medicine information are clearly. And then I’m pregnant!

★ Successful with Lite-ICSI by SAFE

I’m definitely happy and so excited.

It’s the day I’ve been waiting for because I tried to do ICSI with another center before and failed.

I was afraid that it’s going to fail again but it’s not, I’m pregnant from the treatment called Lite-ICSI by SAFE Fertility Center [2 times embryo transfer]

★ Message from the new dad

I’m so glad and excited when the doctor told me that I’m going to be a dad.

I’m so thankful and would like to tell a couple who are facing infertility to come to SAFE Fertility Center because it’s very excellent service here and a doctor give you a very good advice, a chance to ask any question and a doctor always willing to explain clearly with understandable examples and details.

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