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Successful with baby Girl from ICSI at SAFE

Successful with baby Girl from ICSI

Couple, 27 years old & 46 years old, did treatment in some hospitals in Vietnam but failed. Successful with baby Girl from ICSI , Illumina NGS and FET at SAFE Amarin by Dr.Wiwat and Vietnamese Personal Assistant Tran Ngoc Thao (Mali).

We are happy to do the treatment at SAFE , because Thao (Mali) takes care us the whole procedure from consultation, start injection, egg collection, prepare lining for embryo transfer until I’m pregnant and deliver.

She follows and reminds me every step of the treatment: take medicine, do injection, We can contact her any time even by viber/whatsapp at night.

We appreciated Dr.Wiwat and Thao (Mali) to help us and wish SAFE help more couples succeed.


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