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Successful treatment at IVF Phuket

We are thankful to Dr. Manop and staff at IVF Phuket for the amazing gift we have received

We struggled for 4 years to have a baby. We were diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’, which meant there was nothing we could do to increase our chances. Having turned 40 the previous year, we attempted IVF for the first time at a well-reputed clinic in Greece.

Jessica Successful treatment at IVF Phuket

Successful treatment at IVF Phuket

However it was unsuccessful and I think this was primarily due to the large number of clients attending. Attention to detail was lacking, to say the least.

We had to travel to Thailand for work and decided to have a second attempt and it was likely to be our last attempt if it had failed due to the enormous emotional strain.

We live in Africa so deciding on a clinic was not easy I am Australian so we looked into clinics there but they were expensive and wanted excessive documentation before they would even consider us.

There were a number of clinics we contacted in Thailand and I immediately got a good feeling about SAFE clinic. Kamila (Personal Assistant) the English translator really helped facilitate things and made me feel extremely comfortable with the process, which was a major factor for us.

And our entire experience with SAFE fertility in Phuket was the same it was a new clinic, so very clean, all staff were friendly and very helpful. Kamila explained everything to us Dr. Manop preferred to do a frozen transfer but we could not afford to come back to Thailand again from Africa so we opted for a fresh transfer. In contrast to the clinic in Greece, we were given thorough instructions (and cold packs to carry them) for the medications so there was no doubt what was needed each day. Dr. Manop was positive and helpful at each scan and I was made to feel secure in his thoroughness.

The egg collection was done very well (in complete contrast to the clinic in Greece) and the embryo transfer (we had 2 embryos transferred at D5) was excellent much more thorough than our previous experience.

We also had genetic testing performed on the remaining embryos.

Getting our positive test was an amazing feeling and Dr. Manop and Kamila answered all our queries when we were back in Africa. Dr. Manop even checked a scan that had been done as I had been given misleading information.

Unfortunately the remaining embryos all had a genetic fault so we did not rest easy until we could do CVS at 12 weeks.

Once we had the results that everything was perfect we could finally realize our dream. And our 6-month old little girl is amazing.

We feel incredibly blessed and cannot thank Dr. Manop and staff at SAFE for the amazing gift we have received. I cannot recommend SAFE highly enough.  

M&J from UK/Australia

June 15, 2016