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Successful with twin girls from ICSI and FET

Successful with twin girls from ICSI and FET at SAFE Fertility Center

I had difficulties having a baby. It took me 7 years after marriage till I got to conceive. I’ve seen many famous and great doctors. I prayed a lot and even bribed. I did everything I could.

My friend recommended SAFE Fertility Center. She said that Dr.Wiwat is really good and she was successful because of him. I made my decision to try again because I was not young. I was 38 years old when I tried here.

The doctor took very good care of me. He could find out what was wrong with me. Even though the other doctors I met couldn’t find out. He examined my thoroughly till he found out what was wrong and advised me how to do, what medications to follow. I followed everything the doctor told me strictly but unfortunately the result of my first attempt here was negative.

I was really discouraged. I talked to my personal assistant, Bew (Personal assistant), that I would give up. I couldn’t try anymore. And I cried. Then I went back home and thought that I wanted to try for one more time. I came back to Dr.Wiwat. And it’s the good news this time. When I knew that the result was positive, it turned out that I got twin girls.

I was surprised that my case was really difficult but I still got twins. The doctor told me that one of them was small which might not develop further. I was really worried. However, the doctor took really good care of me and my babies giving all the medicines and supplements. Eventually they both survived and become my two little girls.

I would say I am really happy now as a person who really wanted to have a baby and had difficulties trying to. I want to say Thank you to Dr.Wiwat, SAFE team and my personal assistant, Bew, for taking good care of me.

Really thank you all of you. I am the happiest person in the world today. Thank you so much.


-:: Pichaporn Gulati ::-

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