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Successfully conceived a baby by using TESE technique and Illimina-NGS

Successfully conceived a baby boy by using TESE technique and Illimina-NGS

SAFE helped us with our little boy

Went to visit Dr. Nattharut Kulphaweesuwan (Dr.K) Who helped us with our little boy.  and nurse Sue who guided us all throughout the journey.
You guys are amazing i’ll never forget you!

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Successful with baby Girl from ICSI at SAFE

Successful with baby Girl from ICSI

Couple, 27 years old & 46 years old, did treatment in some hospitals in Vietnam but failed. Successful with baby Girl from ICSI , Illumina NGS and FET at SAFE Amarin by Dr.Wiwat and Vietnamese Personal Assistant Tran Ngoc Thao (Mali).

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Success Story from ICSI treatment

We Thank God for having SAFE Team in our Journey to meet our adorable twin boys

Journey Of Baby Irham and Irsyad

In 2015 i did my very first IVF in one of famous private hospital in Bangkok, with famous doctor, but it failed. I was so desperate and sad.
I almost feel like i want to give up.

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Conceive a baby boy with IUI treatment

Couple Burmese conceived a baby boy with IUI treatment

Couple who has been married for 7 years and trying to get pregnant naturally for 5 years.

Wife is 34 years old and she also tried by taking medicines and timing sexual intercourse for 3 months but never succeed.

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My Experience to do this IVF treatment in Bangkok

My Experience to do this IVF treatment in Bangkok, , Thailand

My experience to do this IVF treatment in Bangkok is really unforgettable​.
Start from the very detail explanation before we decided to go ahead (the consultation), before OPU, OPU process, before ET, until ET process, every step was guided and explain clearly.

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Little girl Skylar one of the pride of SAFE Fertility Center

Words really can’t describe how happy we were with our experience at the Safe Fertility Center in Bangkok!  As an American married to a Thai woman, we decided to explore this option as we’ve tried for almost 10 years to conceive and have not been able to have a child. 

We did all the doctor visits in the States but could never find out why we were unable to have a baby. We did IUI here but it didn’t take. Finally we decided to give it a shot and fly to Thailand to give it one last try and go for IVF

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Hegner Family Testimonial

Hegner Family, Cris Hegner and Frederick Hegner and Olivia (daughter)

My name is ….. and my husband is ….
(And) This is our daughter, Olivia. She is 5 and a half.
(And) 5 and a half years ago we lived here from 2007 to 2010.
(And) I was having trouble getting pregnant.
(And) We came to Dr.Wiwat.
(And) Our first time he helped us .
(And) I am so very blessed to have this beautiful prefer child.
We live in the states and we were just…
(And) She is just wonderful. I mean I can never ask for a better doctor
(And) a more generous and comforting place to come to
to get our work done here.

My name is Olivia and I like Thailand because the elephants.

(And) This is my first time here. I’ve never been here before.

(And) She loves it so far
(And) She’s already told me she would love to move back or move to Thailand and spend time here.
as much as I would love to come back to.

Thank you so much


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