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Success Story from ICSI treatment

We Thank God for having SAFE Team in our Journey to meet our adorable twin boys

Journey Of Baby Irham and Irsyad

In 2015 i did my very first IVF in one of famous private hospital in Bangkok, with famous doctor, but it failed. I was so desperate and sad.
I almost feel like i want to give up.

I’m 39 years old when i did the first cycle in SAFE Fertility Center.

It was on January 2016, one of my friend introduce me to Ms. Keii, she work in SAFE Fertility Center. I remember the first time i met her in one of dessert cafe in Central world.

She explain about the treatment in SAFE step by step.. She recommend me to meet Dr. Nattharut, because i told her i prefer a good doctor that pay attention for the patient, that willing to explain detail, and care + patient to the patient.

And since then, i became good friend with Ms. Keii

I never thought that we can be this close, it feels like i’m not in the middle of treatment. i felt relax and enjoy during the treatment.

Both Dr. Nattharut and Keii guide me so well.

I start the treatment in SAFE last January 2016.. I did the egg collection 2x there.

The first egg collection (ICSI) i got less embryos, that’s why doctor suggest me to freeze the embryo on day2. (now i still have my babies freeze there)
And because i still want to give a try to get blastocyst embryo, i and my husband decided to do another egg collection, and praise to God, this time we got more embryos and they can develop to blastocyst stage 3 embryo.

I was so happy with the result. I have 3 embryos freeze on day 2 + another 3 embryos freeze on blastocyst (day5/6)

Then we prepare for FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) process.
I did the FET 2x.

The first time, because my body is so slim and small. doctor suggest to transfer only 1 embryo.

After 7 days of transfer, the HCG level show that i’m pregnant. We’re so happy.

But… then it turns out that i have chemical pregnancy. the hcg level is slowly drop.
I was so sad and feeling down.

But Keii and Dr. Nattharut always support me and told me not to give up and try again

The 2nd time of FET, doctor challenge to transfer 2 embryos balstocyst.
And this 2 blastocyst embryos turn to my dearest baby Irham and baby Irsyad.

No words can explain how happy we as a parents ..
We Thank God for having SAFE Team in our Journey to meet our adorable twin boys ^ ^



Intan & Boby


Message From our Patient

Dear Dr. Nattharut
We would like to thank you for making our dream come true, we had been waiting for babies “Irham” and “Irsyad” for seven years…
Thru your hands God give us blessing to our family by making it complete…

Kop kun mak na kha doc…
We will never forget you…

Dear Kezia Hindriani Rahayu
We would like to thank you for your kindness, patience, and friendship that you give during our program at Safe Fertility Centre.
You are the best PIC ever…
We will never forget you too..
Terima kasih tante kei…
Hope to see you in Jakarta…

Mr. & Mrs. Boby
Best regards,

Boby and Intan​”

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